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Search bagpipe sheet music by title, composer, level of difficulty and more–and then click on the tune title to download the sheet music for any of the thousands of tunes we have in our catalogue.


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Listening to clips of the pros playing pipe tunes is a great way to master the craft. Stream or download thousands of pieces of bagpipe music and enjoy–and listen to complete tunes before you download the sheet music.


Learn about the lives, techniques and inspirations of the greatest pipers the world has ever known with insightful commentary by Jim McGillivray and links to more resources including their bagpipe sheet music and music clips.

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The Bugle Horn

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The Bugle Horn

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Digging Deeper

Pibroch Manuscripts

‘Piobaireachd’ or “Big Music” from the Scottish Highlands is the classical music of the Highland bagpipe.  We have hundreds of tunes in the original manuscripts intended specifically for the pipes. These will awe a beginner and challenge even a master: all free to download!

Pipe Tunes on 78rpm

This a treasury of some of the oldest original recordings of bagpipe music. Recordings like these are the only audio history we have that can give us direct insight into how the great players of the last century actually sounded. Listen for free: no gramophone required!


The whys and wherefores of how we do things around here: from pointings and settings to technical and legal issues to descriptions of how pipetunes collects and distributes all the music and info found on this site.

McGillivray Piping

Vintage pipes, reproductions of vintage pipes, chanters, reeds, practice chanters, watertraps, educational books and CDS and more: all available from Jim MicGillivray’s bagpipe boutique.