Pricing, Refunds and Terms

The credits pricing system

“Credits” are the system used by for you to purchase music from the site. This helps keep prices down by not incurring a charge for every single transaction, many of which would be under $1.50. For every music file you download, a set number of credits will be deducted from your account.

Prices shown are in Canadian currency and adhere to the following schedule:

Download any file any time with credits

The more you buy, the more you save! Credits never expire.


$9.50 CAD38¢/credit


$16.50 CAD33¢/credit


$30.00 CAD30¢/credit


$40.00 CAD26.6¢/credit


$50.00 CAD25¢/credit


$70.00 CAD23.3¢/credit


$85.00 CAD21.3¢/credit


$105.00 CAD21¢/credit


$200.00 CAD20¢/credit



Prices of tunes are calculated roughly by the number of lines of music in the tune; however, this is a starting point, not a hard and fast rule. For example, 2-part strathspeys are generally 4-line tunes. However, when the music was set this way the lines were crowded and hard to read, so the 4-bar lines were split into 2-bar lines, doubling the number of lines but making the tunes much easier to follow. It seemed only fair to retain the 4-line price for these tunes.

The mimimum price for any tune or recording is 4 credits. Credits range in price according to how many you buy at once.

Copyright tunes are priced higher than public domain (‘trad’) tunes because a royalty is being paid to the composer/arranger or their estate.

Tunes of greater complexity, such as competition marches and strathspeys, are assessed an additional surcharge due to the increased time and effort required to typeset and record them.

Notes on copyright: paying the composers

The majority of tunes in this online collection are public domain. Many others are copyrighted to composers or arrangers who are still alive, or to the estates of those who have passed on. These composers/arrangers are receiving royalties on the sales of their music.

I make every effort to contact composers, composers’ families, or custodians of the tunes. If I find no one, I publish the tunes anyway. Sales of all pieces of music are tracked, and if a relative or copyright holder of a deceased composer comes forward and can offer proof that they are indeed active custodians of the composer’s music, I will either pay royalties due, remove the music from the site, or both.

Biographical material presented on this site is copyright, but may be used for personal or non-profit educational purposes with credit being given to and to the original provider of the information or photo, if cited.

Terms and conditions, refunds and privacy

The shopping cart allows you to use your credit card to purchase ‘credits’ which can then be used to pay for computer downloads of pipe music as PDF files. Payment is made using a secure server and you will receive an automatic email confirmation of your purchase when it is completed. No one here receives or sees your credit card number. All charges to credit cards are made in Canadian funds. If you live outside of Canada, your credit card company converts the amount to your country’s currency and your statement will show that amount.

None of the personal information you provide as you purchase credits on this site will be provided to any third party or made public in any way. If you have any concerns about privacy of your information or charges to your credit card, please email

In order to purchase credits you must have a login account on For security reasons, any time you purchase credits you will be required to enter all of your credit card information again, as this information is not retained. It is your responsibility to keep your login and password information secret. Your passwords are never visible on this end.

If you are not satisfied with the product you have received here will do all we can to make things right or we will issue a refund for unsatisfactory downloads and/or credits remaining on the system. If you have purchased a larger number of credits at a discount, your refunded amount will be determined by the cost of the credits used at the non-discounted rate.

If you have any comments or questions on the above points, or the settings, tunes or composers in this collection, or want to point out any errors, please email