Piobaireachd Indexes

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In addition to the manuscripts themselves, Dr. William Donaldson has provided an index of the manuscripts that allows you to cross-reference tune titles across multiple manuscripts, allowing you to see, for example, how two (or more) musicians might have set the same song differently.

The first index takes any tune title found in the 4 piobaireachd manuscripts you’ll find on pipetunes and cross-references them across 18 manuscript collections, so you can find the same tune across many manuscripts and compare its settings by the various authors.

In addition to the Index of the Piobaireachd Manuscripts offered on pipetunes, Dr. William Donaldson has also provided a General Published Piobaireachd Index, which cross-references tune titles found across 14 manuscripts.

Note that due to the size and scope of the documents–and the resulting need for horizontal and vertical scrolling–they are best viewed on a larger-screen device.

Tune titles from the 4 piobaireachd manuscripts on pipetunes cross-referenced across 18 manuscript collections :

Pipetunes Manuscript Index

This is Dr. Donaldson’s index of tunes found in all of the published old sources:

Published Books Index