Piobaireachd Fingerwork Sound Files

These files contain all of the demonstration mp3 sound files for Jim McGillivray’s tutor “Piobaireachd Fingerwork: Exercises in Piobaireachd Technique for the Highland Bagpipe.”

These files are free of charge. You may download and save them to your computer in one of three ways:
1) Click on “Download the Entire Book (Zip File).”
2) Click on “Download Chapter x” to download individual chapters.
3) Click on an individual mp3 file to download it only.

Save each folder/file to your computer (the Desktop is a good starting place).

To open a Zip folder once it is on your computer, double click on it. It will be overlaid with the actual folder, and the files are inside of this. Keep the folder. You don’t need to keep the Zip folder.

While you are on this page, feel free to browse through the pipetunes.ca website. There are hundreds of tunes and sound files here for download.

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