Adam Quinn

(1973 - )

Adam Quinn began composing music at age 13.  He was born on June 14, 1973 in Clearwater, Florida, where he actively took part in the musical scene offered in the local school system in neighbouring Dunedin, This allowed him to pursue his interests in bagpipes, clarinet and piano performance.

At age 19, Adam accepted a position as a musician at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan where he worked for 2 years.  He later hosted a bagpipe trio at Florida’s EPCOT Center before moving to Vancouver, Canada to join the world renowned Grade 1 Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, with whom he earned two World Championship titles performed a live recording at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

In 2003, Adam co-formed an original Celtic-Fusion bandLucid Druid with African drum-maker Steve Turner. Since then he has published The Quinnmusic Collection, his first collection of original bagpipe music, and Lucid Druid released their debut CD, ANECDOTA. Both highlight Quinn’s skills and interests in music composition and performance.

Adam’s well known, original tunes and arrangements have been performed around the world and are featured on numerous recordings.  His musical innovation and style are clearly expressed in Lucid Druid’s music, which has begun to shake the standards of traditional piping and label the musician/composer as an eccentric non-conformist, creating music that begs to be exposed.  Adam currently lives in Clearwater, Florida with his wife, Elise, and their daughter, Oona.

October, 2006

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  • This book was my late father’s most treasured possession. Being a first edition I take great care of it.!!!

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