Alexander MacLeod

(1829 - 1903)

The ‘Notices of Pipers,’ provides rare information on Alexander MacLeod. These notices were compiled by Lt. John McLennan, father of G. S. McLennan, and revised by Major I. H. MacKay Scobie and Archibald Campbell of Kliberry. The Piping Times acquired them from G. S.’s half brother, D. R. McLennan and published them over many years. Alexander MacLeod’s appeared in the June 1973 issue as follows:

Native of Perth, but of Skye parentage. Piper in the 26th Cameronians – Pipe Major for one day. Composed one piobaireachd (“MacLeod of Roag’s Lament”) and a great number of marches, strathspeys, reels and jigs, many of which have never been published. He was also a good reed maker. Died in Edinburgh and had a military funeral to Dalry Cemetery. His best tune is the “Drunken Piper” (or “Highland Rory”), one of the finest pipe marches ever composed.

C. A. Malcolm’s The Piper in Peace and War (1927), says of him:

Pipe Major, 26th Cameronian Regiment, was a well-known composer, his best tunes being “The 26th Cameronians”; “The Drunken Piper”; “Weel Dune, my Hielan Lads”; “The Wee Sergeant’s March”; “March to Pretoria”; “Relief of Mafeking”; and the “Sinclair’s Welcome to Edinburth.”

JM, June 2007, with sources as cited above.

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