Australian Ladies, The

March 2/4




    Hi, Jim,
    Thank you for making the recording and posting the tune. My instructor, Iain McKee, will be helping with the tune.
    We started working on the tune and have a question about the second full measure of the second part. In the Scotts Guards setting, it has dot, cut, dot, cut with a half doubling on the F and a throw on D in the first half of the phrase, but we like your setting in which you play cut, dot, dot, cut with no half doubling, G grace note on the A and then the throw on D.
    Is the Scotts Guards setting wrong? I have heard one band recording that plays it like the Scotts Guards setting. I was wondering if it is a personal preference?
    The same question comes up in the second ending in the last part. The phrase in Scotts Guards is dot, cut, dot cut, but you play with a dot, cut, cut, dot, and we like that better, too! It seems to follow the pattern of the third part that way.
    Anyway, I hope this makes sense. Before I memorize it, I want to make sure I have it right. Can you please advise Iain and me? Thank you so much! Martha Davis

    • You see it published both ways. This setting comes from Willie Ross’s Book 3. In lower grades you probably hear it played more frequently in the Scots Guards setting, also published this way in the early Glenaruel Collection.

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