Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward

Jim McGillivray
March 6/8

I wrote this tune for my father, who was long-time Chief Steward for the Pipers’ and Pipe Band Society of Ontario and managed all the solo piping and band events on games days in Ontario for many years.




  • Dear Mr. McGillivray, Thank you for all that you do for the world of bagpiping! I have purchased many of your wonderful products. Would there be a recording of yourself playing this beautiful tune that we could purchase as an mp3?
    Pierre Ogea

    • Thank you for your kind words, Pierre. I recorded this tune on my Lismore “World’s Greatest Pipers” CD way back in 1992, but unfortunately, that is now out of print. Sometime in future I will put a recording on the site. Jim

  • Jim … my friend … I am so glad that you came up with this. … you are a great composer .. but to give you further kudos … you compose AMAZING Harmonies with “Seconds,Thirds and sometimes counterpoint 5ths …. a very difficult task for a professional”

    • Thank you. This particular tune is mine but most of the harmonies on the website were created by Janette Montague.

  • My instructor, Lezlie Webster, suggested this tune for my competition 6/8 next year…and she said to tell you hi!!!!

  • Best 6/8 I’ve ever played. If you love it it’s not difficult.

  • Buongiorno Jim. Ho ascoltato con molto piacere questa jig e la sto imparando sulla GHB. Molto orecchiabile e… fantastica! Poi la invierò al mio maestro Alberto Massi per ricevere eventuali correzioni sulla tecnica esecutiva. Complimenti.

  • Sorry. I write in English, now. I’m very happy to have learned your march (not jig, sorry). I have yet to perfect the third and the fourth part. I play it after “Leaving Friday Harbour” by John McCuscker, yesterday. Bye bye.

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