Flowers of the Forest

Slow Air

This is the traditional 2-parted funeral lament.




  • Seems like I have heard this played as a longer tune, maybe another part or two. Any knowledge of such? The sheet music for that version would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Yes, you’re right. There is another version of this with another part that goes between this two. In all honesty, I never liked it and thought that it made the lament far too long. That’s why I never included it. But perhaps I should add the three-part version. For what it’s worth, I think it may be in one of the Scots Guards books… JM

  • The Scots Guards version has another part between the two parts in this recording. I think it is really nice. The tune is too short without it.

  • As one of the pipers frequently called on to play this lament, often in sub zero temperatures after standing in the wind for over an hour, I too find 2 parts plenty.
    It also fits better when called on to play between last post and reveille…just my opinion. I can trot out all 3 parts if requested.

  • I usually play the 3 parts one time each. It is quite long if all parts are repeated.

  • @Robert. That’s an interesting idea. Hadn’t thought of that. I agree you might want to shorten in chilly weather, but think the whole thing is quite beautiful and at three minutes not too excessive.

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