Heroes of St. Valery

Donald MacLean
March 3/4

Donald MacLean was captured at St. Valery in 1940, along with many other pipers from the 51st Highland Division, including Donald MacLeod, John Wilson and George McIntyre.




  • Is this tune on cd. If so where is it available. My mum’s uncle and cousin were both captured at St. Valery during the war.

  • Thanks for the music and cheap at the price! I’ll be piping this one on 12 June, the 80th anniversary of the surrender of the 51st Highland Division at St Valery, near Dunkirk. Check out their story on

  • Christopher Bone

    Many thanks. I will be playing this in memory of the man who taught me to play the bagpipes. He was a piper in the Gordon’s and captured at St Valery. A quiet and inspirational man who was a fine piper!

  • Tom williamson

    Saw a report in my local paper about the heroes Of st valery,downloaded the manuscript today, got it memorized and wll play it for my neighbours on the day at 10 am.

  • I will be listening to this, with sombre gratitude, in tribute to my father captured at St Valery on this day in 1940. Keeping the memory alive of the fallen and those captured is testament to their bravery and sacrifice.

  • Alison and Catherine Raeburn

    We played this, on the laptop. at 10 am for us and our neighbours in Hughenden Valley, Bucks in honour of our father who was in the Gordons and captured at St Valery. It was a very moving shared experience

  • My Dad, Horace Janes of the East Kent regiment (Buffs) was also captured at St Valery and spent the the rest of the war in PoW camp in Poland. I haven’t a clue what he was doing so far down the the coast of France as he never talked about his war time experiences. I would love to know what happened!

  • My great uncle was taken prisoner at St. Valery and spent the war in a PoW camp in Poland. He was a member of the 51st Highland Division which was put in as a rearguard. At the end of the war, the Russians refused to give them back and it was a long time after the war before he got home. My great uncle was Archie Huggins

  • I wondered if anyone’s grandparents talked about private John McLagan who was in axillary in the British army Corps section of the 51st division.
    He was captured on the 12 June 1940 at St Valery and was sent to Stalag XX1A POW camp in Poland until 1945

  • My uncle Jim Matthew was captured at st valery he was with the black watch with the 51st highland division he escaped 3 times but was caught and returned he never got home to Glasgow until 1946 he lived well into his mind 80s a fantastic human being

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