John MacDonald of Glencoe

William Lawrie
March 2/4
Very Difficult



  • Hi Jim- tried to get John Mac of Glencoe PDF via my iPhone and it shows that I have indeed purchased it. How does this work? Do you email me the PDF? Regards. Steve Foley.

    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the note. The tune should be accessible on your iPhone, as you are logged in to your account. Once you’ve purchased the tune, there should be a black square icon in the upper right corner of the website on your phone. Click on the box and go to “Tunes”. Search for the tune you purchased, and scroll down to the “Downloadable Files” section and click on the black square, “Sheet Music”. Once you’ve accepted the licensing agreement, the tune should download to your phone automatically. Please let me know if you are still having difficulty with the download and I will be sure to email the tune directly to you. So sorry you’re having trouble! Hope this helps.

      Jenifer Bartlett, Administrator
      Pipetunes/McGillivray Piping

  • does any body know who was john macdonald was , was he a freind of willie Laurie ?

    • Jim McGillivray

      Excellent question. You have to think he was a friend. I’ll check into this. I have a friend researching Willie Lawrie’s life.

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