Michael MacDonald’s Jig

Jim McGillivray
Jig 6/8

This was written for one of my best friends. Michael grew up in Montreal and then moved to Toronto. He is a piper and one of the most interesting people I know. I wrote it shortly after Bruce Gandy wrote his jig “Annette’s Chatter,” and decided I wanted to catch a similar flavour.




  • kinkadealexander

    I found this tune off YouTube where Jim played Aberdeen Romeo, this tune, and the fiddler’s rally. I dubbed it the Set of Doom. Hopefully I can master it because it’s such a cool set that others need to hear it.

  • [email protected] question. I am searching for a Mike Macdonald that graduated west hill high school in Montreal. 50byears ago.. Long story but I was going to ask him to join impromptu a small line dance number, Sprinsteen, to support a song during the reunion I may try to arrange, if he had interest. But I need his email or phone number if this is the same guy. My contact is [email protected] if you know him please forward this to him or his contact info to me, if you would. It’s like 3 weeks away.
    Allan Levy

  • Hi Jim,
    I love your tune! I’ve learned it from the Scottish power pipe band recording. If i wanted to perform or record it, have you registered it with a performing rights organisation so you can collect royalties, or would I need to come to an agreement with you personally to use it? I’m
    I’m the UK if that makes any difference.

    (I should add I’m a small scale performer, but credit where credit is due, if I use your tune I want you to be credited!)

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