Skye Rovers

Jim McGillivray
Jig 6/8

Sometime in the early 1990s, Michael Grey and I accompanied Bill and Lillian Livingstone to Dunvegan Castle to hear Bill play in the Silver Chanter. Bill rented a Rover for the occasion. After the event all but myself had imbibed liberally so I drove back to the hotel. While I can drive a stick-shift with my wrong hand on the wrong side of the road during the day time, night time when I can’t see the gear numbers is a different story. Lillian sat in the front seat with me and navigated, more often than not with the map upside down and me grinding the gears. Bill and Michael spent the whole meandering trip giggling in the back seat. The 15-minute trip took us an hour, and we only got there because we drove past the front of the hotel by accident. Michael actually named the tune.




  • Beautiful jig!

  • just to let you know you have the number of parts mixed up with the number of lines but Great Jig!

    • Thanks Liam. Been a bit distracted lately and have a few other wee things like this to fix, but we’ll get to them soon!

      • Liam,
        Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. The oversight was corrected and published!

  • Pipes were tremendous. Nice body. Made the Jig sound even better! I envision the grinding of the gears as the grips that pop in from time to time during the tune!

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